Laser engraved Birth Announcement

This is a custom birth announcement that I designed for one of my family members. I was pleased with the end result so I wanted to share it with you. I used ponoko to do the laser-ing which cost around $60 for two of these. Not so cheap, but not too expensive either. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to do custom work for your next event.


Black Friday Sale!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy 15% off all CuriousDoodles merchandise using coupon code: BlackFriday2011 (all one word). Special offer viable Nov. 25-28th.


Holiday Gift Round up: DIY Crafty Kits

For all those crafty folks out here I have created a round up of the best of Etsy for DIY kits. I just love having some kind of kit to do Christmas day after the present opening chaos.

Row 1: Tea Towel Calendar Embroidery Kit by CuriousDoodles //Bicycle Basket Weaving Kit by JonnasCollection // Wire Crochet Pattern and Starter Kit by Yoola

Row 2: Potholder Loom by CraftSanity // Crewel Embroidery Kit by Tako Fibers // Terrarium Kit by Kiki Yow


Ivano Vitali: Knitted Paper Art

Since 2005 artist, Ivano Vitali, has been creating art from up-cycled newspapers. Each page is processed into yarn without the use of dyes or glue. I love playful scale of his works, especially the sock. His knitting needles are amazing. I can't wait to see what he makes next!


Knitted Modern Chair

Wouldn't it be fun to make something like this. I love the scale of the stitches juxtaposed by the modern metal chair. The best of both worlds.
via craft room


DIY Customized Embroidery Tea Towel for a Wedding Keepsake.

This tea towel would be a great gift if you know someone getting married. You can customize it by matching their wedding colors to your thread color. Also, use left over thread to write the bride and groom's name or write a simple message to them. Read below on steps to do customize.
I used a light box but a window would work fine to trace the letters onto the towel. I think handwriting, especially cursive would also be nice to try. I do recommend planning out how the text will look on another piece of paper. This way you can mess up and it won't be any big deal.
Next, follow your guide and take small stitches around the curves so it doesn't look too choppy.
Circle any dates that may be of importance like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Try to have fun with it and make it your own. The possibilities are endless. If you have any pictures of your stitched up tea towel, I would love to see!
Happy stitching,

Behind the Scenes: My Embroidery Kit Factory

For those of you that are waiting on Tea Towel Embroidery Kits, I wanted to share some snap shots of the process of getting these kits together. Firstly, this is the luscious red thread bobbins waiting to be packing into a kit.
I'm a little embarrassed to share this photo. It looks kind of like I'm just moving in, but its just project explosion from the tea towel kits.At least the kitty found a nice place to hang out.
My late night print session.
This contraption, we call him Steve, is a portable oven. His job is to set the ink to 324 degrees.

Itty Bitty Embroidered Coin Clutch

While I was in Japan this past year I saw tons of squeal inducing miniature coin purses. I picked up one of these tiny kiss lock frames in Tokyo so I could try making one. I used a natural linen fabric for the outside and a vintage print on the liner. I gave this one to a very special friend for her birthday.
If you are interested in learning the lazy daisy stitch on this purse click here.


Embroidery on a Linen Tea Towel

Here is one of my latest designs stitched on a 100% linen tea towel.


DIY clock in the works...

This is a fun little project I've been working on. I realized I didn't have any clocks around the house. And I don't wear a watch, so it was time for me to make one. The clock is laser cut with one of my leafy patterns on birch plywood. I like the overall subtlety of the pattern versus the numbers.


Embroidery Tutorial: French Knot

Start off by coming up through the fabric.

Hold the needle with your dominant hand. Wrap the thread around the needle 2-3 times depending on how big you want the knot.
Now, go back down the same hole you came out.
Push the knot all the way down your needle so it is touching the fabric. Take your time and gently nudge the needle through. You can keep the knot stable with a finger nail as you pull the rest of the tail through. That's all there is to it!

I love this example of what can be created with french knots from Incy Wincy Stitches.


Human Billboards

These human mural/billboards were used in the mass games in North Korea. And yes, those are people holding up posters. I love the creativity and overall organization needed to pull something off like this. It reminds me of gestalt theory: the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.



Happy Halloween!

I thought Matthew Cox's x-ray embroidery pieces would be appropriate for Halloween. They seem to tell a mysterious story of human nature.