Whew, made it through tuesday.

Today was a long day of image searching at work. It is a really important part of the execution of an idea. You have to find that perfect photo.

A big part of my job right now is image searches. I will spend hours looking for that one perfect picture that works beautifully with the concept and layout. Its a pretty laborous process that makes my head feel like its swelling. Anyways, I don't understand why getty, veer, corbis, and istock only have pictures of people smiling their face off, but none where they just look natural. So if any stock photographers ever read this can u please get the models to just look a little less fake.

I was trying to find an image of two people having a conversation in a resturant so I typed in engaged conversation at resturant Guess what I got. Lots of people sitting in resturants on their cell phones or on their computer. There is something really wrong with this picture (no pun intended). well actually it was....:)

On a brighter note, my yoga practice has been progressing quite nicely. I'm finally getting alot of strength in my core which allows me to do al kinds of stuff. Today for the first time ever, I nailed a head stand. It was pretty cool.

I spend alot of time on flickr and i'm always delighted to see what cool stuff people post. Check out some really cool journal scans here.

This was an awesome find I got off of ifitshipitshere.blgospot.com The designers are Nicholas Lovegrove & Demian Repucci. What a nice play on the traditional dutch tableware. Me likes :)

After using rubberbands this past summer for my portfolio piece I have a new awareness of rubber bands in general. How stretchy they are, how thick, do they leave a film on ur fingers, etc. I was very pleased to see the use of rubber bands combinded with Ceramics by Louise Campbell. It is such a nice color pop on the white.

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