Hawaii Trip

I just got back from vacation and I have to say hawaii is one of the most beautiful places i've been to. It was so pretty it almost seemed fake. I fell in love with the place very quickly as I often do when I travel. I think it would be fun to move there for awhile.

When I first arrived I was privileged enough to see this beautiful rainbow.
These trees were so cool! Their roots grew down from the branches giving the tree a very eerie feel. I caught myself stopping to stare at these trees. They are visually stunning.
I couldn't resist taking the obligatory silhouetted palm tree photo.
This is the seven passenger plane i took between the islands. I was pretty freaked out at first but the ride ended up being really cool. The view was amazing and we flew pretty slow so you could really see what was going on.
This is the view from our hotel balcony. It looks too pretty to be real right?
As the plane was landing we flew over this farm land that was really nice pattern and color inspiration for me.

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