Inner Body Works New Identity

I wanted to share one of my freelance projects I designed last summer. Inner Bodyworks yoga studio came to me needing a new identity and website. I decided to get out the india ink for this project because the loose organic lines felt right for a yoga studio. After covering my living room floor with india ink sketches, I narrowed down to the best few and showed those concepts with the client. We ended up going with a simple abstract representation of the word innerbody. It can also read as a person with their hands interlocked above their head. I included a bit of my process so you can see what that is like.

The website is designed to be simple and easy to use while evoking the mood of the studio. The patterns used in the collage are from the studio. I also softened the photographs to communicate calmness.

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maezie said...

Rock and roll Laura, rock and roll.