New DIY Business Cards for the shop!

I finally got around to getting my business cards made. I had a stamp made through www.rubberstamps.net and used that to make the cards. ve been getting lots of different stamps made by them and I've been very happy with the way they turn out. Their prices are affordable so its fairly inexpensive to get a stamp made. I'm using paper that I already had laying around, so no cost there. The tricky part is getting the stamp centered on the paper. That takes practice. I definitely recommend the rubber stamp business card other Etsians trying establish their identity and sense of professionalism.

Oh, I forgot to mention the handmade wooden bowl in the first picture. It was made by my very talented Uncle Robert. I think it's beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

i really like these cards. i was thinking of getting a stamp made for mine also. the sewing on the edges is a nice touch! you've inspired me!