New Years Resolutions!

I am very optomistic about starting fresh in a new decade. These are some of my resolutions that I'm excited about.

1. Read one book a month.

2. Try at least one new recipee a month. I really want to find new and itneresting ways to eat veggies. If I find any good recipees I will share them on the blog.

3. See at least one art show or museum a month. There are so many artists and creative people in Portland. I don't have any excuses to fall short on this one.

4. Swing dance more! Try to learn the tango!

5. Make one garmet a month. I got this book for Christmas and I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and start making my own clothes. Eventually it would be great to have a handmade wardrobe. But for now I will start with baby steps.

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