Coin Purse Production Update

I'm making a batch of coin purses with more of my hand printed fabric. Becuase the outside is so busy to begin with, I choose a bigger scale flannel pattern for this purse. I'm really enjoying the pop color zippers I bought. They really add a nice detail to the pouch.

I'm still trying to figure out what to call these coin purses. I wanted to have names for the different styles of purses i'm making. Kind of like ikea does. Donathon suggested calling these tiny coin purses Bus Fair which is cute. Do yall have any ideas?


Irina said...

Love the fabric and the pouch!!! Thank you for sharing! And thank you so much for buying your zippers at my store. Irina @ KandCSupplies on Etsy :)

IJ said...

You make beautiful things! I love!!