Watson Wedding Screen Printed Invitation Suite

The Watson invitaiton suite was hand screen printed with two colors at The Pull, in Portland, OR. I designed the invitations, but it really was a group effort. Matt, the groom, is a designer so he had a lot of imput into the design, and Donathon, helped a ton with the printing.

This invitation was for an outdoor wedding in Sisters, OR which is a beautiful location with gorgeous pine trees and mountains all around. That being said, nature elements became a big element of the wedding identity. The tree made a really nice metaphor for the marriage.

This old western type makes since when you see the city of Sisters. It's an old cowboy town and all of the shops on the main drag use western fonts for their signs. It's very charming. The bride and groom's silhouette was another graphic used throughout the wedding identity.
I worked in some cute little icons into the invite. I like the way the dancing shoes turned out.

The RSVP notecard is a 2 color screen printed card on one side. We wanted the blue tree to be a subtle element so I made the color a slightly darker blue than the paper. The tree became a strong element of the visual identity. I will show more of that in a follow up post. Matt and Jess, the couple, had fun with the copy which set a nice tone for the actual event.


Sarah said...

These are beautiful! Very inspiring!

Troy said...

do you mind me asking how much they cost?? I'm interested in the same sort of deal and I am trying to compare prices. thanks a ton