DIY Embroidery Holiday Deer Card Kit

The weather is perfect for crafting a STITCHIES kit and snuggling up by the fire this holiday season. The deer and the border pattern is screen printed in silver water based ink which looks sophisticated. There are black dots that are printed on the card that act as a pattern guide for the embroidery stitching. This would make the perfect gift for someone that has everything already, or for a crafty friend that enjoys a little project. It also looks great framed.

How does it work? First, punch the little black dots out with your needle. I prefer to start with the border first, but I recommend doing what make sense to you. Then, divide your thread into two 3-strand groups. Tie a knot and start stitching! The dots will be a guide for where to stitch. I've stitched a couple of these up and they take about 1-1.5 hours to make.

• 1 Holiday Deer Screen Printed Card on 100% recycled craft paper
• 1 green envelope (square flap)
• 2 Needles
• Quality teal embroidery floss
• Instructions
• Zip-lock bag organizer (great for on-the-go projects)

These kits are ready to ship out from my shop. Click here to order.

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Anonymous said...

I really like this little kit!