M50 Artist Community in Shanghai

M50 was my favorite thing I did in Shanghai. It took me a couple of attempts to find the place. Its near a train station and silly me, I assumed there was only one train station in Shanghai. I was going to the wrong train station. Once I figured that out, it wasn't hard to find the place. It's basically a group of artists living and working in a small community. There are so many contemporary galleries to wander through. and random intriguing objects are laying around too. It's a nice way to spend an afternoon. They even have a little cafe where you can rest and grab a bite. It was delightful. (see pictured below)

This is a small crop of a huge root system of a tree that has some carving in it. Rad.
I found these roses left on a trash can and can help but to wonder about their history.
I ordered the red pepper curry thinking it would be a red bell pepper. Haha, I was so wrong. It was full of spicy chilies.

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