In Awe of Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls in Argentina is a special place. There was so much beauty all around me that it was hard to take it in. I feel very special to have the opprotunity to see this place. The national park has an impressive series of walk ways that go right up to the falls and some even go over the falls which allows you to experience the falls in a very intimate way. I kept gettting soaked throughout the day by the mist blowing up from the bigger falls. I didn't really mind becuase it was so hot and the sun is very powerful in South America.

The rainbows come out with the sun, so I was able to see a few in the afternoon.

Not only were the falls absolutely breath taking, but I was also able to see wildlife like tucans, aligator, frogs, birds, coaties, butterflys, etc. The butterflys were definitely magical. There was one point where there was a hundered yellow butterflys swarming around me. It was very beautiful and dream like. There were also many butterflys that had black and white and a little bit of red graphic patterns on their wings. They were lovely as well.

The coaties around the park have a dependency on humans for food/trash. They are not scared of humans so you can get really close to them. I don't think we have coaties in the states, but they are very cute!

My pale complection is not built for this type of tropical climate. I keep getting sun burned no matter how much sun screen I use and yesterday I even got a pretty bad heat rash from my all day outing. My poor skin has layer and layers of sunscreen and deet plus skin rash and bug bites. I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

This interesting article explains some of the geology behind the falls.

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