Crocheting with rope

I've been seeing the Alseda Stool everywhere lately. I am attracted to the simplicity and utility of it. But instead of buying it, I wanted to make something like it on my own (because that's how I roll). I found a 1/4 inch utility line on sale at a wholesale liquidation store and so I had to buy some and try crocheting with it to make yummy floor cushions.

This is the cushion 1/2 way done! The crocheting goes really quick when using this thick rope. I love being able to crank out a project quickly.
Ever since my yoga training in India, I spend more time on the floor. I eat on the floor now. I think these will be a nice to eat on and just hang out. I'm thinking about dying the rope a red or green, but I'm not sure how the nylon rope will take the dye.

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Maeve said...

Use RIT dye! Here is a tutorial for dyeing plastic/nylon buttons.


That stuff can get pretty messy so be sure to wear rags...and it can dye your bathtub too fyi :)