Paul Morgan's pattern design

I'm loving the intricate patterns, color, and geometry that go into Paul Morgan's work. So gorgeous. See more here.

via pattern observer


Carolyn S. said...

I agree - those are fabulous patterns and the colors! Wow.

On another note, I just got my DIY calendar kit - I really like the presentation of it all. I do have one question: I'm assuming that just the part that I meant to emrbroider (the 2012 and the line that divides the year from the months) is the only part that would wash out, correct? I mean, I can go all out and stitch every single number and month, but....I'm hoping not! I have a feeling this is a pretty duh question. Long day, brain cells are all used up. Thanks, Laura! As soon as I can get stitching I'll let you know how it goes. :o)


curious doodles said...

Hi Carolyn, The entire towel is heat set which means none of it will wash out. You can stitch the dividing line if you want, but its not necessary. Good luck! Let me know how the progress goes.