Corn Maze at Krugar Farm

Going to Krugar farm is one of my favorite Fall festivities. The day we choose to go it was actually raining so we were considering skipping it, but I'm so glad we didn't. We saw the most gorgeous double rainbow after the rain let up. If you look closely you can see the 2nd rainbow above the main rainbow in this picture. Also, the colors on the farm looked more saturated than normal so the pumpkins really poped in my shots.

Michelle and John are good friends my college years that were going on a massive west cost road trip. I'm so glad they were able to stop in Portland! I have to say my choice in foot ware was very poor for the farm. Within minutes of walking around the very muddy corn maze, my shoes were carrying at least 5 pounds of mud caked to the bottom and sides. It was pretty comical waddling around like I was in my 70s. Michelle and John got brave and just went barefoot which might have been the best solution to all that mud. Overall a really fun day that ended in a carmel apple!

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