Product Release: Geometric Pocket Notebook Embroidery Kit

My love for embroidery and paper continues with my latest pocket notebook embroidery kit.

The inspiration for this kit came from an obsession with Japanese Sashiko stitching and designs. I really enjoy making kits that are both beautiful and functional. Personally, I keep one of these notebooks on me at all times so I can jot down thoughts as they come. I find it very helpful to keep my ideas from getting lost.

The kit comes with 2 laser cut notebooks, plenty of red thread, and a needle. The notebooks are made locally in portland and the paper is 100% recycled.

The grid is designed in a way that you could get several different designs out of it. I hope people get really creative with these and I can't wait to see other people's designs.

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Anonymous said...

Such wonderful idea! I suppose you could use different colour threads to make it even more unique.