Quality Time With My Seam Ripper

I'm in the process of making a much needed duvet cover for my bed. I'm DIYing a look that I saw at west elm. I'm totally attracted to the overall look of the pintucks and how they make a puffy pattern. So pretty and luxurious. 

I'm definitely flying by the seat of my pants on this project. I sewed the first row of puckers and then realized that they were too close together and the comforter wouldn't fit inside. So thats why I'm spending my Saturday morning with coffee and a seam ripper. Yay. 

Side note:
I finally got an actual bed with a head board and footboard and everything. It's a gorgeous walnut antique from the 1940s so it deserves to be properly decorated. It's nice to see my bedroom coming together. More on that in the future. 

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