Canning Dill Pickles For The First Time

I getting more brave with my cooking projects. This year I ordered 25 lbs of pickling cucumbers from my CSA. I have to admit, I was not really prepared for them when I got them. 25 lbs is ALOT. I still had to find jars, spices, etc. So at 10pm at night we were running around to different grocery stores trying to find jars. No such luck. The next day I tried at Ace Hardware and they had an awesome stock of various sized jars. I went with 1.5 pint and 1 pint jars. After this canning experience, I would opt for the 1.5 or larger unless you have the really small pickles (2 inch). I went with a dill pickle recipe recommended by my friend Emily. You can find the recipe here. This batch yielded 36 jars! 

I found packing the jars and loading them with the spices to be the most enjoyable. They look so pretty. 
Now, I have to wait 2 weeks for them to fully ferment to find out how they taste. 

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Peaches said...

I am ever so impressed by your pickling efforts. I've always wanted to try. I really like the idea of having a pantry filled with pretty little jars of things I've made. Let me know how they turn out!