Sewing Review: Pattern Runway Kimono Dress

I made a dress using Pattern Runway's short sleeved kimono dress. I used a deep purple fabric with a nice drape to it. I found cutting out the pattern to be one of the more challenging steps because of the slight stretch and slippery nature. 

Overall the pattern was clear and easy to understand. I had a few problem spots like the sleeve facing kept wanting to poke out. I ended up tacking it down in 4 different places trying to be as discrete as possible. Also, at the base of the back closure, I wasn't sure how to keep this area neat. It looks a little weird to me, but I'm sure most people will never notice. 

I love the button closure on the back. I used a black vintage button from my stash. I also love the elastic waste band. It makes for a very comfortable dress. 

I'm so glad to be sewing again. I definitely want to make some more of these dresses.

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