Getting back into the swing of things

So what better way to send off a hand written letter, than by putting a Charles and Ray Eames stamp on it. Just so everyone knows, Charles and Ray Eames are my design heros. I admire them in so many ways. These stamps should be in a post office near you! Yay!

This is a tee-shirt off of threadless.com that I would buy if I had a ton of disposable income. It makes me giggle. Out loud.

I've been wanting to make a quilt for quite some time and since I got a down comfortor for christmas I decided I would make a down/duvet cover. I found this beautiful fabric from the Fabric District on Harry Hines St. In Dallas, TX. Its my favorite place to shop for fabric. Cheap and nice. I gonna try to update with my progress. The first step was to wash all the fabric and iron it. It seems like an easy task, but ironing is HARD. I'm terrible at it. Soon, I will cut out some of the blocks.

This is what it will sort of look like in the end.

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