Burda Style: Open Source Sewing

I spent the last 3 hours drooling over the amazing sewing projects at Burda Style. It's a website community for open source sewing. There are alot of talented folks over there sharing their designs. The coolest part is seeing how people alter patterns and customize for individual style. It's an amazing resource for all skill levels. Wow, I sound like an infomercial. But really it is a cool resource I recommend everyone check out. I wanted to share a few of the projects that have free patterns that I'm really excited about!
Wool Hat.
Franzie vest
Orange Dress

On a side note, I went thrifting this morning and got a whole pile of supplies to make more stuff. (Not that I really need any more stuff, but thats a different story) I've been working on altering a men's dress shirt into a shirt dress. More on that later :)

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Kits and Caboodles said...

I ♥ your blog so much! I think I found it via 3peas but I'm not really sure, I was just clicking around. Anyway, I loved all of your finds and discovered some great artists, so thank you.
I particularly loved the toilet paper roll cutouts! Wow!

xo Andrea