Experimental Embroidery and Stitching

My latest obsession is all things embroidery. I'm doing some experimenting with mixing fabric, fused plastic, and stitching. The results are turning out pretty cool. Here's a few examples of stuff I've made so far. 

This is a process photo. I ended up sewing all of the triangles down to reveal only a couple areas of the underneath fabric. 
This is how it looks to embroidery on the fused plastic. It actually works quite well. 
The next two images are some of Claire Coles work. I think these bird brooches are gorgeous and they are made out of upcycled wallpaper scraps. Very cool.
I love how the embroidery on porcelain turned out. I only wonder how the artist made holes without busting the porcelain. I bet it was all done before firing the pieces?? If anyone knows more about this process, let me know!
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Rozie said...

I'm betting the artist poked holes in the porcelain before they fired it in the kiln.

maezie said...

Love this post! I want to see the finished product of your process photo with the triangles.