DIY Japanese Stab Stitch Tutorial

I'm pleased to share the latest DIY tutorial featuring Maeve Rogers of Color Theory. I love using this method for journals because it fairly simple to do and it has a really nice clean appearance. The supplies are minimal so It can be a really affordable project for those of us trying to save money.  

Special thanks to Natalia Daniels for helping out with this one.


What I Say Matters! said...

Hey!great instructions!I made one of these the other day and put chipboard on the front and back cover. the only thing is that the chipboard has a funny way of bending on the front when you open it. Any tips?

Lynn @ Constitutionally Modern DIY said...

Thanks so much for the instructions, Maeve & Laura!

Couldn't have done this post without you:

Anonymous said...

It's good instructions, however, I think it's quite difficult to see what you're actually doing when you speed up the important bits. I find I learn better when i watch exactly what someone is doing then I can copy it more easily.

PattyB said...

To make the book easier to open, take a ruler and hold it firmly against the book where you want the crease. score the cover along the ruler using the edge of the bone folder.