The weather did not cooperate yesterday for the handmade nw event. We unpacked our car and started putting up our canopy when wind started picking up and the sky turned dark. Our cue to pack it up, was seeing other venders' goods flying all over the parking lot. Oh well, i guess it wasn't meant to be.

My latest project is the tin can lantern. I was inspired by the sweetness of this lantern.
I was looking for a nice way to create mood lighting this summer and decided to make tin can lanterns. Although they are very labor intensive, they are free and they don't take too much brain power. Basically you clean out an a tin can, put water in it and freeze it. The ice keeps the can from caving in. Once the inside is frozen you hammer different sized nails into the can to make the design. My bf made the one on the left and I made the one on the right. I love the way they turned out and I want to make many more. I also think it would be nice to paint them all different colors so they look pretty during the day as well.

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diskgrunt said...

Your bf has some tin can skillz =P