2010 Desk Calendar has Launched!

After many weeks of frozen pizzas and long hard hours on the printing press I am thrilled to announce that my 2010 calendar is for sale in my Etsy Shop. They will also be for sale at the Black Friday Handmade Holiday Popup Show at Tribute Gallery if you live in Portland and want to see them in person.

My main inspiration for the illustrations was nature + geometry. As with alot of my work, pattern is a heavily used element. I absoutely love sitting down and making patterns so it was only natural for me to have several in my 2010 calendar. I also tried to keep my line work feeling free and I really tried to embrace the little imperfections. Sometimes its hard to predict how your illustrations will change when they go from paper to computer to print, but I'm getting much better and smarter with the way I work. The ink selection has such a big impact on the final print. I think I was even suprised how changing one color can totally change the emotional response to a print. In the end I hope people enjoy the prints and can get some bit of happiness by seeing them on their desk.

I have learned so much the past two weeks while printing. I want to give a huge thanks to diskgrunt for all of his help printing the calendar. It would not have ever happened without him. Also, if you know of any botiques in your area that would be a good match for my calendar, please let me know.

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