Screen Printed Wood Panels

I have always loved the beauty of birtch and I've been dreaming of screen printing on it for quite some time. I finally got a chance to experiment with printing my patterns and designs on birtch plywood and I really love the way they turned out. The grain of the wood adds so much to each print making it completely unique! Check them out in the shop. There are currently four in the set, but I hope to add more in the near future. My dream is to fill an entire wall full of these 8 x 8 wood squares with my patterns. Maybe one day.

There is a lot of love that goes into preping these wood panels. I sand them smooth and take of as many imperfections in the wood. This belt sander was a life saver. I debated on the most economical way to get these babies sanded and it ended up making since to buy the tool to get the job done properly.
I preped the production file so I could print two images at a time. That ended up saving me a bunch of screens, it just took a bit of coordination.


IJ said...

Beautiful! Love them!

Wood Panels said...

I like all the panels. Great Work..!