La Recoleta Cemetery

The Recoleta Cemetery was one of my more memorable stops in Buenos Aires becuase I have never really seen anything like it in the states. At first glace it looks like a little city with tiny building and tiny streets. But each structure is a mausoleum holding the elite of Buenos Aires and Argentina. The mosoliums were sampling architectual styles from all over the world. Each one is completely unique.

This is Eva Perron's grave.
I could tell the stray kittys rule this place. They were all taking naps in the sun when I was walking through. Overall a very interesting but alittle bit creepy place.


Natalia said...

Looks amazing Laura! Looks like you are having fun.

Your spelling is still atrocious. But I love you anyway :)

Rebecca Agra said...

Beautiful pictures!

In Brazil we also have beautiful cemeteries. My first photography class was in a cemetery and he had a very interesting architecture.

Congratulations on your blog!

Anonymous said...

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