Design Process

I want to share some of my design process with my most recent calendar project. There is a lot of work that goes into each calendar month, and so I wanted to show you how I translated some of my photographs into graphic patterns.

This is the original photograph I took while I was traveling and I made a paper cut based off of this leaf. I made a simple paper cut from this above photograph.

The micro-pattern was inspired by the craziness of Roman streets. I spent so much time staring at this map as I was lost most of the time.
This is the pattern that I came up with. It has bits and pieces from the map above, but some of it is made up so that it repeats.
I hope you enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes of how I make my illustrations.


Heidi said...

This is fantastic! I love to see the process of this-- the incorporation of the map is really neat!

ashleybell said...

Thanks for sharing your process! So many times when I see visual information, I ask, "I wonder how the artist did that?"--usually with no explanation to follow! Love the ferns...