Product Release: 2012 Screen Printed Desk Calendar

Introducing my 2012 paper cut botanical paper cut! This calendar is an homage to all the beautiful flora I saw while backpacking through Southeast Asia this past year. When I got home, I translated my best photographs into graphic paper cuts for each month. The back of each calendar is a postcard, so they each serve a dual purpose.
The chipboard packaging doubles a stand for the calendar (see below). You just have to put the tabs through the outer slits to create a shelf for the print. This feature of the calendar is very important to me because I have been using plastic cases in the past that were cheaply made. This solution is completely compostable/recyclable.

The back of each print doubles as a postcard. So once the month is over you can send a quick note to a friend.

The process of screen printing lets the ink sit above of the paper, giving the finished product a richer tactile feel.

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chia said...

Just wanted to say that I found these calendar cards really sweet and nicely designed! Was surprised that it was inspired by S.E.Asia (I am from Malaysia). Hope they sell well!!