Embroidery Tutorial: Back Stitch

I made this tutorial for the visual people out there that learn best with images. I hope you enjoy! There are many ways to do embroidery techniques. I'll show you what works for me, but I've found the best way to perfect a technique is to practice until you come up with your own tricks.

First things first, divide the six strands into two three-stand groups. It is possible to sew with all 6 if you want a bulky look. Two strands will be ideal for very fine to small detail work.

After threading your needle, tie a knot at the end of your thread. This doesn't have to be anything fancy. I use the same kind of knot that I use on shoelaces. The knot needs to be bigger than the weave of your fabric so sometimes it is necessary to tie two knots right on top of each other. Use your fingernail and slowly guide the second knot down to meet the first knot.

Bring the needle through to the front of the fabric to make your first stitch. Move over about a quarter of an inch over and send the needle back down.

And there you have your first stitch. Awesome!

Bring your needle over to come up for the next stitch. This time we are going to use a slightly different technique on the way down.

Instead of going straight down. You will go down and immediately up to make the next stitch all in one movement. It will make it easier if your fabric is taut. This technique will save you some time once you can get the hang of it.

Repeat until you are finished.

The back stitch is an extremely versatile stitch, but is mostly use for outlines.

Now, time to tie off. Use both hands. One hand holding the loop taut, the other holding the tail. With the tension you can guide the knot down until it is touching the fabric.

Next, put your fingernail over the knot, and slide the last of the thread though. Cut off the thread at about one quarter of an inch away from the knot. If you leave your tails long they will get caught up and tangle down the road.

In no time at all you will be backstitching like a champ!

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