Embroidery Tutorial: Lazy Daisy

The lazy daisy embroidery stitch is especially helpful for flower petals and makes up the little blooms in my 2012 tea towel kit. Let me walk you through the basics of this fun, little stitch.
Come up and then immediately down a few millimeters away. Pointing your needle in the direction you want to make the petal, bring your needle back out about 1/4 inch away from the first hole, but don't pull the needle through.
With your needle in this position, wrap the tail (the thread coming out of the very first hole) around the needle. You can start to see the petal forming.
Pull your needle through, keeping the thread tight. Important note: pull your thread away from the tip of the petal like in the picture below.
Next, is a tiny stitch used to secure the petal in place. Bring your needle down just on the other side of the petal.
This is a finished lazy daisy stitch. Sometimes the petals will need some styling. Poke and pull at them with your needle to get the desired fullness and shape. Repeat several more times to create a full flower.
I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and find some useful applications for the lazy daisy. Happy stitching!


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