Life Update

So much has happened in the past few months. I will try to quickly update.

My New Job

I accepted a full time Senior Design position at Swift Collective. (yay!) The job is a lot of fun as well as a challenge. I'm making lots of websites and leaning a ton about social media. My co workers are smart, witty, and overall a pleasure to be around.

Going full time was a tough decision for me. It's alway difficult trying to find the right amout of balance in your professional vs personal life. 

I'm working on it. 

taken on the Broadway Bridge during a recent bike commute

Getting Into Shape

Over the past few months, I've been taking steps to get myself into shape and shed some extra pounds. I'm biking to work now which is really nice because it builds in exercise into my routine. The fresh air and pleasure of being outside is a highlight to my day.  I'm also starting to run a bit. I have a 5k in September that I wnat to run confidently. 
Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone

Vacation to Yellowstone and Texas
Two amazing places for different reasons. I was able to spend a lot of family time and see so many beautiful things in Yellowstone like baby bears, mud pots, and geisers. 

The Laser

Yup thats right. We've got a laser cutter in da house. Darrell and I purhcased a laser cutter. This is a big deal for us. It means most of my embroidery kits can be made completley in house. I also have a ton of ideas around cool stuff to make utilizing the laser. Exciting.

A New Niece
My brother and his wife had a beautiful baby in July. 

That is all for now. I hope to have a more regular posting schedule in the near future. Thanks for your patience.

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