Floral Pattern Creation: Behind The Scenes

I collected these tiny flower specimens on a walk around my neighborhood. So many pretty things are blooming its hard to to be inspired every time I go outside. After I returned home, I spread the flowers out on paper and started sketching from life. I find drawing from life is quite challenging but enjoyable. It takes an extreme amount of concentration to draw exactly what you see and not what you would expect to see.

I'm hoping to get some small floral prints created from these drawings. So far I haven't come up with any promising, but you have to start somewhere.


SharonA said...

I have found that If I try not to copy the flower precisely), and avoid (in my mind and on paper)the "perfect" circle that my sketches turn out to be more like Mother Nature may have intended. The tiny little blossoms and buds that welcome Spring make for heartwarming smiles that are irreplaceable!

Emily said...

Hi I"m looking to make a reunion shirt like the icon one you did here. I'm wondering if you can direct me toward where you got all of your icons? Thanks so much!