Yes, I'll Have Dessert Please!

I was inspired by this articalto buy some thrift store porcelain and decorate it.
First I made a stensil out of masking tape. Basically I printed my design, taped it over several rows of tape and cut it out with an exacto knife. I would recommend putting the tape down in both vertical and horizontal directions. This will make it more sturdy when you try to peel it up. I had some close calls with the letters falling apart when peeling them up because I only had tape going in one direction.

The porcelan pens work pretty much like regular paint pens. I don't really like the way you can tell that you are drawing with a market because there is a dot at the end of each stroke where more ink was let out. Also the pebeo brand i have is not the highest of quality. I opened up on the markers, shook it and the nib went flying out. Basically the pen broke before I could even use it. I would like to experiment with using brushes and the paint in the little bottles.
At first I was using a ruler to try to get the lines straight. But the ruler ended up smudging the paint so I did everything free hand. It's more loose which is not a bad thing, just not what I was originally going for. This project didn't turn out perfect, but I think it is a good start into a new craft. I'm keeping an eye out for thrift store porcelain from now on.

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Your creative spelling always makes me smile :-)