DIY Gift Wrapping Idea for Musicians

Actually I think non-musicians could appreciate it as well. I made this for my roomate. Happy Birthday Hannah!

I got this idea while packing up calendars for my etsy customers. I ususally wrap twine around the package a few times and thats when I got the idea to wrap the twine around 5 times to make a musical staff. This is a great way to personalize gift wrap. Here is how I made it.

1. Use a ruler to draw the 5 equally spaced lines (use a pencil so you can erase later) on the wrapping paper. This will be a guide for where to place your notes. Mine were about 1 cm apart but this will change depending on how big your gift is.

2. Find the sheet music via the internet for the song you want to feature.

3. Draw the notes onto the package.

4. Erase the pencil guides

5. Wrap the twine around the present so the lines are in just the right spot. Then tie a knot on the back to secure the twine in place.

If anyone decides to try this project out I would love to see pics!


Crooked Sister said...

Very clever! Just found ya via twitter. Now following your blog.
Take a peek at mine if you have time:


Melissa said...

such a cool idea!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE this idea!! May I link it to my blog?

CuriousDoodles said...

Michelle, feel free to link it. Just make sure to credit me. Thanks!