DIY STICHIES Embroidery Card Kits

I am so excited to share my first line of DIY Embroidery kits in my etsy shop!

Embroidery + Minimal Typography + Beautiful Paper= STITCHIES

This kit is perfect for the DIY-er exploring emerging niche of modern embroidery. Each card is laser cut to make it easier to sew (like connect the dots). They are made out a beautiful recycled paper with a subtle woven texture and matching envelopes. STITCHIES are oh so tactile and will be treasured far longer than the usual electronic correspondence.

If you love the look of these cards but don't want to do the sewing, I have some sewn cards ready to ship in the shop.

What does the kit come with??
• 5 laser cut cards and matching envelopes
• Needle and quality red thread
• Instructions
• Zip-lock bag organizer (great for on-the-go projects)

Here is an example of what one the finished cards looks like.

So I've been a little quiet on the blog lately. That is becuase I have been busy making lots of new stuff for the shop. Thank you for being so patient. I will be sharing more of my latest projects over the next week.

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