Renegade Recap and Happy New Year!

Big sigh. The holidays are over and I can calm down a bit. The holidays are most certainly the busiest time of year for CuriousDoodles. Put travel to California and Texas on top of that and you get a very quiet blog for a long time. But I survived, and I very hopeful that the new year will be full of good things. I want to spend more time learning how to sew clothes for myself this year. I am slightly intimidated by this type of sewing so I'm doing one project every month to get over my fears. I will try to share the triumphs and failures with you.

Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco was a blast. I really enjoyed getting to meet so many awesome customers as well as other artists like The Experts Agree , R&L Goods , and Texture Clothing to name a few. It was impressive to see so many people packed into the Concourse Center that it was hard to walk though the aisles. I was definitely feeling the handmade love, which makes me think I should keep doing this.

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